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Central Air Condition Maintenance Every Homeowner Must Know

Every homeowner who owns air conditioning Maintenance Houston must take it upon themselves to do some maintenance. This includes cleaning and removing soot, dust and any dirt that may have accumulated after a year of continued heavy use.

Using it for 12 months accumulates a substantial amount of debris. Dirt can get into the cooling fins, filters, and fans. It may also reduce coolant levels. It may even create leaks and breakages in the pipes. While experts like Speedway Plumbing Houston Texas can do a thorough cleaning and do the repair for any damages that may have occurred over the past year, home owners can actually do some minor cleaning. This will ensure that your air condition’s operations are smooth, optimized and efficient.

To help you with this sometimes daunting and challenging task, here is a simple but comprehensive guide that anyone can follow with ease.

Understanding What Must be Done and Preparing the Items You Need

It is important to note that cleaning a central air conditioner is not a one way simple process. It is much more complicated than that. The cleaning is done in two ways, simple because there are two specific components that needs to be removed and taken care of. This means double the work and two very different procedures.

air conditioning maintenance HoustonThe first component or unit is called the condenser. It consists of a fan, a compressor, cooling fins and tubes. It generally converts outside air and cools it, by passing it through a series of tubes, so it can be recirculated inside the home. That also brings us to the second and final component, which is called the evaporator. This important section dehumidifies and blows the air that we spoke of before, filling the spaces of the home with the desired temperature of the user. These two work hand in hand to lower the heat in your home and ensure a pristine and appealing atmosphere. One cannot work without the other.

Before one should begin, it is also important to make sure they have the right tools on hand. First, you need screwdrivers and a couple of dry cloth that can be used as rags. You’ll also need a vacuum cleaner. Additionally, please prepare a coil cleaner, a replacement filter for your exact unit, electric motor oil, a brush and some household cleaner. Make sure you’re also wearing goggles and a facemask to protect your eyes and face from water, soot or anything that might fly off during the work. Afterwards, you’re ready to clean your air conditioning units Houston.

Cleaning the Condenser

First off in air condition maintenance Houston, turn off the electricity to the condenser. There’s a typically an off switch near the actual condenser. Afterwards, remove the protective casing. Gently vacuum the fins clean or use the brush to remove the dirt. Do this carefully. The fins can easily get damaged, so if you are not careful, you might damage them.

air conditioning maintenance HoustonAfter you are done with the fins, remove the fan so you can get deeper. Take your vacuum and brush and clean up the debris and dirt that may have accumulated. Again, do this carefully. You don’t want to get everything damaged. That will be a costly problem. Afterwards, look for the fan motor and search for the lubrication ports. If you can’t find it, fish out your air conditioner manual from storage to help you find it. Once that is located, add around 3 to five drops of motor oil. Make sure the oil is specially designed to be used in this type of equipment. Anything else will not be as effective.

Once that’s done, put everything back in place. Double check and make sure that all of the components have been returned properly. Switch the unit on and wait for half an hour. After, activate the air conditioner inside your home. Make sure it’s at a cold setting. Wait for 5 to 15 minutes, then return outside and feel the insulated tube with your hands. If all goes well, that should be as cold as ice.

There will be cases that it might a bit of time to kick in. Be patient and return to the unit after a few hours.

Cleaning the Evaporator

Now that the condenser is out of the way, it’s time to turn off your electricity again and take care of the evaporator. This is usually located inside the metal duct somewhere near the blower. Once you gain access to it, you will once again see fins that you’ll have to vacuum or brush. This is an important part in the process of cleaning air conditioner units, so make sure you are thorough. Don’t forget to once again take extra precaution during this part of the process. After, vacuum the rest of the blower compartment and remove the old filter. Take your new and clean one and install it properly.

Next step is to locate the oil ports. Put 5 to 10 drops on it. Afterwards, you’re all set. You’re finally finished with air condition maintenance Houston.

Final Reminders for Every Homeowner

There is a good chance that during the cleaning process you may find damages and breakages that are beyond your understanding and capability. Our tips is to leave them for now and don’t do air conditioning units Houstonanything. You might make the situation worst. During these cases, it is important to call a reliable expert, such as Houston Plumbing. One of the best in the business, this company is equipped with the knowledge, insight, and experience and tools to fix any air conditioning concern and solve any plumbing problem one may have. They can do a comprehensive repair and even help in cleaning and optimizing the entire air condition unit, ensuring pleasant temperatures all year round. Don’t hesitate to contact them should you find something amiss in your unit.

Don’t let your air condition build up years and years of dust and debris. Do the maintenance yourself and clean your unit today. With the right process and a bit of hard work, homeowners can enjoy and bask in the perfect temperature regardless of the seasons outside.

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