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Air Conditioning Repair That Everyone Should Know

No matter how you take care of your air conditioner, no matter how much you follow the proper procedures, the passage of time and constant use will always result in a problem or two, especially if the unit has been with you for a few years. While the most severe repairs require the valuable assistance of a capable and trusted team of experts, like Houston Plumbing, there are actually several air conditioning repair Houston you can do on your own. Here are some of them:

What to Do When Your Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On or Turns Off Without Warning

If your air conditioner isn’t switching on, there’s probably one or two reasons why this is happening. First, there’s the thermostat. Unbeknownst to the owner, it might not be set properly. Second, there might not be power reaching the air conditioner. Something must have severed the flow. It might be unplugged or something must be wrong with the connection.

air conditioning repair HoustonThis problem is easily fixed. You won’t even need to get an air conditioning service Houston for this. First, check the thermostat. Make sure it’s setting is at cool. Afterwards, double check all of the wires. See if unit is plugged in. Check the wires for any damages. If that doesn’t work, check your fuse box or circuit breaker. If something is burnt or overloaded, you might need to do a quick and easy replacement.

If the air conditioner turns off without any warning whatsoever, this could be because of your thermostat’s current location. Remember, heat can change a thermostat’s setting, so sunlight, a lit candle, a burning bulb or anything that may alter temperature may affect this sensitive piece of equipment. During these cases, it is important to relocate the unit to a new spot. You, of course, can also choose to just purchase a newer and sturdier thermostat, rather than doing an air conditioning repair Houston. That will definitely solve your problem, for a price.

What to Do When Your Air Conditioner Makes Odd Noises

Weird and unusual noises coming from your air conditioning unit is always a sign of something amiss. This usually a rattle, buzz or some strange ticking noise. However, it’s usually not as scary as it sounds. Based on experience, it’s just a loose piece of equipment, typically a screw, a bolt or a component that’s misplaced.

air conditioning repair HoustonTo fix this, open your units and do a thorough survey of your components. See if everything is lock is in place. Tighten screws and bolts. Shine a light on the various wires. Give the parts a soft nudge and see if everything is loose.

There might be a chance that these noises are a sign of bigger trouble. This is also the perfect time to see if the fan blades are still intact. It the blades are crippled or bent, you might need to purchase a new set.

This is an opportunity to do a thorough check up of one’s motor. You might need the expertise of a trusted company for this. This usually costs around 100 dollars, but it’s worth it. Chances are, it might need a regular tune up, some lubrication using motor oil that can be bought from any hardware store. Worst case scenario, it might need a replacement altogether.  Depending on the brand of the air conditioning repair Houston and unit, it might be somewhere around 200 dollars to 750 dollars.

What to Do When Your Energy Bill is Too High

Every air conditioner unit has an average power consumption. This is normally how much one spends during the first two to three years. If there is a spike or an unfounded increase, this could be a sign of something wrong with your air conditioning unit. It is also a symbol of inefficient activation.

air conditioning service HoustonTo ensure that you are only getting charged with the costs that you should be paying, open up your unit once again and do a check. The usual cause of the higher bill is a dirty and overused filter. Given that the item is already filled to the brim with dirt, soot and other contaminants, the machine works twice as hard just to gather air needed for condensation and cooling. Head to the store to get a replacement filter. Keep some in stock. Do a quick replacement. You should see improvements in your energy consumption and billing in a couple of short weeks.

High energy bills can also be caused by a choked condensing coil. These coils are very essential in the cooling process, so when it gets clogged, the unit has no choice but to consume more energy in order to achieve the desired temperature of the user. The blockage is primarily caused by a buildup of dust and debris. When these happen, the owner can’t fix it themselves. You will need the help of an air conditioning service Houston like Speedway Plumbing Texas Houston to fix and unclog these important air conditioner parts.

What to Do When There is A Leak

Sometimes homeowners will see a puddle of cold water beside their furnace. Air conditioner requires condensations and it then leads to moisture. This is caused by a disconnected tube or any clogging or blockage caused by dust and debris or any build up.

This can simply be corrected by inspecting the tubes and wires. If there are blockages, you can use a toothbrush or a piece of cloth to scoop out the dirt. However, be careful when doing this, so you won’t damage the tubes.

For holes in the actual tubes, get a company like Speedway Plumbing Houston Texas to fix your leakage. They have the equipment needed to make it almost as good as new.

 Owning an air conditioning requires some work. It doesn’t only need the annual cleaning and the regular maintenance work involved, it also means doing the occasional repair should the situation call for it. Keep the tips we mentioned in mind so you’ll have hassle free air conditioning usage for years to come.

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