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Why Downspouts and Gutters Need to be Cleaned

Downspouts are both a simple and complex piping systems. The main purpose of this system is to lead away excess water and liquid from the property’s foundation. However, problem starts when these become clogged because it can cause water and liquid to overflow and spillover the gutters. A bigger problem happens when the water starts seeping into the homes’ foundation and soil which eventually may cause flooding all over the property.

downspout diverter HoustonThe opening part of a downspout drainage Houston is the most vulnerable to clogging. Common debris that blocks the opening are toys of pets, fallen leaves, small branches, and more. But aside from the opening, small debris can make its way to the elbow points, gets stuck there and where more debris adds to it causing it to block water. This blockage can cause the elbow to break when it bulks up in size. The reason for this is that the volume of the dirt and water becomes unbearable to the elbow joint of the downspout thus causing it to expand beyond breaking point.

Plumbing Houston has perfected its’ ways of cleaning the downspout to eliminate the presence of clogs and build-ups. This assures their clients that these will be working for a long period of time.

Declogging the downspout

When it comes to cleaning it, calling in a professional downspout and gutter cleaning company is the best thing to do. For internal clogging of the downspout drainage Houston, a tool called plumbers snake is set into motion by swirling it into the bulked up debris and water. It loosens the debris until it can be washed off by water.  A little hard tapping on the sides of the downspout may help loosen the clogged debris.

downspout drainage HoustonIf both of these fail to do its job, using a garden hose by inserting it into the opening. It is better if the hose has a high pressure attachment tip to it. Close the tip. Open the faucet to full. Then in one pop, release the tip switch aiming at the debris build up. However, if this still does not do the work, you may need to give Speedway Plumbing Texas a call.

Disassembling the downspout can be done if the proper tools are used. Taking the downspout down part by part requires professional precision. But once all of the parts are taken down, cleaning is now easy. It should not come as a surprise that the amount of dirt at this point is enormous.

Cleaning the diverter and extension

The main problem with downspout extension Houston is that these can be easily dented. This is what causes the clogs in it.

These downspout extension Houston dents are caused by hits since these are at the lowest points of the piping system, right where humans often walk. 

On the other hand downspout diverter Houston are parts that provide separation form the main downspout to different areas like the garden. The main purpose of which is to provide water distribution to these parts.

Extensions and downspout diverter Houston also need to be cleaned. However, since these are usually found at the very end of the piping system, cleaning is a lot easier.

Benefits of Downspouts for Drainage

A downspout is a part of a house’s or building’s gutter system. It is a pipe which leads water from the roof to the ground. Typically, the downspout connects gutters running along the roof or the eaves to gutters running under the ground. These pipes are usually located long the corner of the house, and usually also along the side at regular intervals. With the downspout acting as conduits, water flows in a directed manner properly draining the roof. If your house does not have a downspout, or it has been broken and needs fixing, a professional can do it, or you can also be install on your own.

Draining the roof via a downspout has many benefits

– Downspouts prevents damage to the house. Without gutters and downspouts, rain water and precipitation will fall from the roof in an uncontrolled manner. This can cause splashes and damage the exterior walls of the house. It can also cause flooding, either on the roof, with obstructed flow, or on the ground where the water would accumulate.

– Water running down the side of the house can seep into cracks or into windows. This can further damage the crack, making it worse. The part where windows join the wall are also susceptible to the same water seepage and cracking. A downspout can prevent this as the water flow is diverted away from walls.

– Downspouts divert water away from the home. During heavy rain, a downspout would help prevent the water from flowing down the walls. Even a clearance of two feet from the eaves to the wall can keep the walls dry enough to prevent damage.

– Underground drainage can be constructed to direct the flow of water from the downspout straight to the sewer. This prevents the water from accumulating at the foot of the downspout, which can seep under the house, or create pools of water around the downspout.

– Downspouts and roof gutters should be kept clean from leaves and debris to work properly. In case the downspout is clogged, it can also be easily removed for cleaning.

– Most home constructions integrate roof gutters and downspouts with the roof. These can be painted to match the trim roof color or the overall house motif. There are only a few home construction types which do not include gutters and downspouts.

– Downspouts are available in a variety of materials including aluminum, copper, galvanized iron, vinyl, PVC and wood. Some of the materials are pre-formed and can be connected on site, while others would need some cutting and lead soldering during construction.

With all that has been said and done, having your professional plumbing perform regular check-ups on your downspout and gutters will not only keep your property clean, it will also act as a prevention against health hazards.

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