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drain cleaning houstonClogged and jammed drains are common problems in homes as well as in commercial areas in Houston and surrounding areas. When you find that you have a clogged drain in your home, do not panic. Just give plumbing houston a call and our experts will be right there to handle the problem in the best way possible. We provide highly effective and reliable services in drain cleaning Houston at any time of the day. If you find your home flooded due to a jam drain at wee hours of the day, do not hesitate in calling us. We provide emergency services on round the clock basis.

Cleaning of drains – Speedway Plumbing has all kinds of equipments ready

It is very important to find out the actual cause of drain jam in your house as the first step towards drain cleaning. You might see that excess oil and grease from the kitchen can passed through the sink pipe and jammed the pipeline. The grease sticks to the surface of the pipe and difficult to remove. At Plumbing Supply Houston we have the required equipment that can help in bringing out the stubborn grease and oil from the pipe.

Sometimes trees spread their roots deep into the soil and they might get into the pipeline thus obstructing the flow of water leading to a drain jam. At Speedway Plumbing we use equipment which has cutting heads fixed at the front portion of appliance. This is made to go inside the pipe and then the cutting heads help in cutting and shredding off any kind of obstruction in the pipe leading to free flow of water, clearing the jam completely.

We have also seen that children often drop things inside the commode or into a drain that cause drain blockage. We at Speedway Plumbing have the necessary tools so that the foreign object can be brought out from the drain and the obstruction can be cleared letting water flow easily through the drain. Our professionals are adept at handling all kinds of drain blockage problems and can solve the problem in the shortest span of time.

Deposition inside the drains reducing water flow

It has been seen that in many places thick depositions take place inside the drains reducing the flow of water. The deposition can be from sand ahouston drain cleaningnd other sediments or it can also be iron and other metal depositions forming a thick and hard layer inside the drain. Speedway Plumbing has special cutters which can help in cutting these stubborn depositions and removing them from the pipe. In many places we have seen that the pipe which has been blocked needs to be replaced as it is damaged severely. We offer services of pipe replacements and repairs as well if it is required.

Expert professionals at Speedway Plumbing

plumbing supply houston has the best workers in the team offering services of Houston drain cleaning. The professionals are trained and certified in their jobs and can solve tough problems in no time at all. They know the use of various kinds of tools and equipments that can help in clearing blocked and clogged drains as quickly as possible. Along with great working knowledge, our staff is cordial and will listen to your problem patiently. So stop panicking about the clogged drain and give us a call now!