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Who Can You Count On for Shower Enclosures

Shower enclosures have been installed for a long time now. The reason why this is so popular is that it encloses and contains the spread of water and it adds some eye candy to the beauty of the bathroom. This makes the shower area more functional and inviting even though there are some who still want to soak in a tub.

Installing Shower Enclosures: Best Left to Experts

To install your shower enclosures Houston, one of the things that can be done to combine a shower and a bathtub is to identify the location of the tub. If it is in the middle of the bathroom, the shower has to be separate. But if it is in a corner or against the wall on one side, a shower can be installed and enclosures can be put up.

glass shower enclosures HoustonAn important aspect is that the shower is waterproof. Recent shower trays or floorings are made with a technique called ‘tile trim edge’. It prevents water from leaking into the tiles underneath the tray. It will also keep the base of your shower doors and enclosures Houston protected. Leaked water can cause damage, molds and bad odor.

Speedway Plumbing Texas installs the enclosure proper by defining the layout and cutting off excess plastic from the shower tray and ‘tile trim edge’ so that they can fit the tray perfectly on the shower area. Silicone adhesive must be applied to where the cutout where done to seal it properly. To do this, they make a 10 millimeter mark just inside from where the cuts were made. This is enough space to accommodate a good volume of the adhesive. Once the silicone sealant is applied, it needs a little time to dry before they proceed with the enclosure itself.

An important thing to have in installing shower enclosures Houston is that the walls are level. A leveling instrument can be used to make sure of this. Making three holes on the wall is next. Here the profile for the shower door enclosure will be placed.  It will act as its support. Align the shower door with the shower tray without any gaps. Plumbing Houston simply slides on the door, which should be parallel to the tray, on the profile. The same thing should be done with the other side of the door.

After lining up the door in the right way, the thing to do is to connect the doors. After this, you put the final touches on your glass shower enclosures Houston. There are a few things that you must make sure of. One of them is to make sure that the enclosures are between the profiles. Application of the blocks must be done in a secured manner. Next, the doors can now be screwed in. If you have decorative shower covers, now is the time to apply it.

Finally a thick and good amount of the silicone sealant should be applied to secure the whole enclosure, especially the outer sides of the doors.  The sealant needs at least one whole day to dry out completely before the shower can be used. That’s best way to ensure that your glass shower enclosures Houston will last a long time.

Custom Glass Shower Enclosures

A custom glass shower enclosure adds elegance to any bathroom. Speedway Plumbing Texas is experienced in installing shower enclosures of all shapes and sizes. We can walk you through the whole process so you can appreciate the workmanship which goes into every shower enclosure shower enclosures Houstoninstallation. With our experience we can discuss the installation with you along with the benefits you will have from your new glass shower enclosure. We can assure you of complete satisfaction from the work that we do.

A custom shower enclosure is a sure way to transform your bathroom. Instead of shower curtains, you would have a glass enclosure which provides better privacy. It also looks better than a shower curtain. Adding aesthetic appeal to your everyday bath experience is not the only benefit.

For one, there would be less shower splashes outside of the bath area. You would not have wet floors after taking a shower. The water would remain within the enclosure. This makes the rest of the bathroom safe even after you have taken a bath. For another, the wet floor needs to be cleaned. Otherwise, the water might not get drained, or worse, it can lead to molds in the grooves between tiles.

Benefits to a Shower Enclosure

A lasting investment. A frame less glass shower enclosure is an investment which will last a long time. It requires less maintenance, it is easy to clean, and since it has fewer metal parts, it will not corrode or rust as much. Frame less glass doors are an elegant thing of beauty.

Cleaning. Since there are no metal parts along the door, there are no places where grime can collect. With glass door enclosures, there is no grime between surfaces to clean. To prevent mold or mildew on the glass door, apply a coat of transparent polymer coating (TPC).

Rust free. As mentioned above, there is no metal frame around the glass. This means that water and moisture would not accumulate along any metal edge. With no metal frames, there would be no accumulation of rust as well. The small nooks and crannies where moisture would gather would also be where molds and mildew can form. Without the frame, the glass door is rust-free, less prone to molds and is easier to clean.

A custom shower enclosure with a frame less door is a visual treat, a good long-lasting investment, and is easy to maintain and clean. It also helps keep the area outside of the shower stall dry and clean.

We are here to help and can assure you of the best quality enclosure at an affordable price. It is not really that difficult to apply shower doors and enclosures Houston especially with some professional help. The trick here is to simply do the necessary steps and applying these in the right manner. One can never go wrong with this kind of professional service.

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