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Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Sump Pump

Normally, the sight of a sump pump placed in the basement of a house signifies some sort of water problem. For good reason, a lot of people think this is still the case.

It is still a common thing to see interested home buyers liking a property so much but then they weasel themselves out of the deal because of the sight of water powered sump pump Houston.  But does it always have to have a bad connotation? Are these contraptions reliable? Can they really keep water off the basement? There are a lot of questions arising from the presence of sump pumps and most of these are because of misconceptions. The best way to judge is to look into its advantages and disadvantages.

How Sump Pumps Work for You

Speedway Plumbing Texas has all the knowledge in handling sump pumps Houston. According to them, some of the advantages are better off discussed rather than simply mentioned at random.

First up is that it is an effective water remover.  To be an effective water remover, a sump pump must installed in the right manner. If this is the case in the house you are looking at, you know that floods in the basement are not going to happen at all.  Which means the basement and the crawling spaces under the house will always be dry.

sump pumpsA properly installed water powered sump pump Houston keeps things dryer than any other waterproofing mechanism of coating can.  A moisture repellant that is coated on the foundation can do a good job in keeping off excess water from getting to the foundation. However, a well installed sump pump can do a much better job in keeping the foundation dry.

The reason being is that a coating can crack under extreme pressure, while a well functioning sump pumps Houston will keep on working like a horse to prevent moisture from getting to the foundation.

It can handle leaks of any magnitude. Plumbing Houston can be called upon to suck out water cause by excessive leaking that curtain drainers cannot do.  Excessive leaks tend to happen during hurricanes and when some pipe breaks. 

The Benefits of a Sump Pump

The sump pump is a neglected piece of equipment which is absence from most households. It is simple in operation and has only one task, to aid in draining a home from excess or unwanted water. This could be flooding or from a busted pipe or seepage from the walls or the floor. The pumps draws the water from basements and crawlspaces on to the drain or the house’s waste water system. Not every house needs a sump pump. However, there are advantages to have one.

water powered sump pump HoustonPrevents damage from flooding. Flooding causes water damage to equipment, appliances, furnitures and to the house or building. If the flood water is not drained immediately, it causes even more damage. Flood water damage can only be treated once the water has receded. The flooded rooms have to dried to prevent further damage. However, if the water does not recede, or the flood water does not flow out, a sump pump is required. Even prior to that, there are some conditions where you can start using a sump pump to drain the water, thereby preventing the flood water from rising.

Prevents mold and mildew from forming. Mold and mildew forms when the walls or the floor is wet. These are growths and keep on growing in a moist environment. The sump pump can help clear the basement or the house of any excess water. Once that is done, the walls and floors have to be dried. The earlier that the water is cleared, the better the chances that mold and mildew will not form.

Reducing the risk of electrical fires. The biggest danger in flooding is due to the electrical lines. Water and electricity do not mix. Electrical systems are designed to trip a fuse in case of a short circuit. However, a short circuit can occur when lines or junction boxes get wet due to flooding. Before the fuse get tripped, when the water gets into the junction box or when it gets in touch with any open line, causes sparks. These can start an electrical fire. Pumping away the water before it completely floods the basement helps prevent electrical fires.

If your house is located in an area with a high water table, flooding is a constant risk, or if your area is usually inundated by heavy rain and floods, you clearly need a sump pump. A professional plumber would be in the best position to advise you about installing a sump pump. The sump pump has to be strategically located to be of best use in case of flooding, at the same time it should have access to the waste water system. There are many types of sump pumps and a professional would be able to help you sort out what would work best for you.

The Disadvantages

The main con to sump pumps is that it requires electricity to power it. The power stems from the fact that blackouts occur often during hurricanes and storms. This is the time when people need sump pump to perform its duties due to the fact that heavy rains are expected.

Installing a sump pump may cause radon to leak onto the surface. Installing a sump pump means that a hole has to be made in the foundation of the home. This hole tends to collect dirt and water and obviously does not look good for anyone seeing it.  This may lead interested buyers of the home or even homeowners themselves that the home may be susceptible to damages from water.

As mentioned above, a sump pump may be a disadvantage or an advantage. It all depends on how the home buyer or home owner perceives this machine.  The thing to consider here is the protection it provides if the sump pump is well installed. There is no way of going wrong with this. However, people might need to reconsider if they see that the pump is not rightfully installed. This is where you  need the expertise of Speedway Plumbing Texas.

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