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Installing a Window Air Conditioning Unit

When the summer months come, a home in Houston, Texas without a centralized cooling system is the first to suffer. The heat can easily get the better of some people, which cannot be healthy in the long run. The simple answer to this would be to get a centralized cooling system. However, this is possibly too expensive for a lot of people. If it were not, you probably would have already gotten air conditioning installation Houstonone. It could also be impractical. What if you live in a one bedroom apartment, and you are the only one living in it. Centralized cooling hardly makes any sense. As an alternative to a centralized system, you could simply install an air conditioning Houston unit in your room. You could opt for a window air conditioning unit, which would be the easiest to install, as you would not need to create any additional holes on your wall. The advantage with this is that you can easily remove it when the summer is over. However, air conditioning installation Houston is still pretty tricky. Unless you are particularly handy and often do home improvement projects on a regular basis, then it might be best to seek professional help. Still, you never know if you might just happen to be especially capable of installing a window air conditioning unit all by yourself, so you might as well try. It is not really a risky project, and trying it yourself might give you that added sense of accomplishment that you could brag about to your friends.

Things to consider

Before you start the actual installation, it is best to do a little prep work. This will help you understand how your air conditioning installation Houston can better improve your life. The first thing you will need to take note off is the best possible window for you to install your air air conditioning installation Houstonconditioning Houston unit. Remember that it should be near a power outlet, so that you no longer need to use extension cords, which could get pretty dangerous at times. You should also be weary of blocking fire escapes, as having an air conditioning unit block your fire escape is strictly a fire hazard. You also need to measure the opening of your window and the window sill, just to make sure you know how big an air conditioner you can fit in there and that it will stay balanced. The next thing you will need to do is assess the room. Figure out how large it really is, how hot it gets from sun exposure, and how many people are normally there. All these questions could help you figure out how much horsepower your unit will need to have. You will need more horsepower if you plan to put the air conditioning unit on a large room that is often exposed to the sun, and has a lot of people living there or simply hanging out. Once you have answered all these questions, it is time to buy your air conditioning unit and prepare it for the actual installation phase.

Actual installation

When it comes to actual installation, make sure you have an understanding of the user manual on how to properly fix the air conditioning unit in place. Most units that are sold usually come with a set of special brackets that you should install first so that your air conditioning unit will be balanced air conditioning Houstonand not shaky or at risk of falling. When putting the air conditioning unit in place, you should make the back part face the outside to allow for condensation. Again, read the manual to know how far back the unit should be pushed, as some require the unit tilt slightly back, while others are not supposed to tilt. You should then bring down the upper window pane to secure the air conditioning unit into place. At this point, it is time to seal it. This is done to prevent cold air from escaping to the outside. Depending on how snug your air conditioning unit fits into your window, you might need to use some plywood boards to cover large holes. For the small holes, like the lining around the unit, use sealant or weather stripping to keep it air tight. In the end, you should end up with a fully functioning air conditioning unit that you can keep around for the summer months. Just plug it in and see how cool it feels. When the heat wave finishes, you can always pack it up and put it into storage. This involves going through the whole process in reverse.

Getting help

Not all of us are really that handy to begin with, so some of us may not be the best people to install an air conditioning unit in our own homes. Luckily, you can always contact Houston Plumbing to come and install it for you. While it may seem strange that the company name does not mention installing air conditioning units, but do not be fooled. While the company primarily deals with plumbing and drainage related household concerns, it also deals with fixing other household problems like air filtration and making sure that your house is compliant with Federal energy regulations. And yes, they also install, repair, and maintain air conditioning units in the Houston area. With over 15 years of experience servicing homes in Houston, Speedway Plumbing Houston Texas has unparalleled experience when it comes to dealing with customers and satisfying your concerns. It fixes each issue in a direct manner that allows it to be done well and quickly, so that your household issue does not stay an issue for long. When it comes to air conditioning unit installation, you can be sure that your unit will be operational within an hour or two of the arrival of our representative. Our courteous representatives are also open to your questions that you might have regarding the project. They are experts in their field and will answer all your questions to the best of their capability with utmost professionalism. They will leave your home, not only leaving an installed air conditioning unit, but also a smile on your face.

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