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Under Slab Repair in Houston

There are leaks that can easily be found and there are some that hide in plain sight. Quite a number of water pipes and drains are found deep within concrete slabs. Like other equipment in your household, these are prone to damage, such as leaks, after quite some time. Luckily, there’s a way to fix this. Here is a slab repair Houston guide, courtesy of Plumbing Houston.

Slab Leak Repair in Houston: How Does One Find It?

It’s pretty difficult to find a leak under a concrete slab. Usually, we see spots of water on the ground, a water stain on the wall and we even hear the soft drop of water at night. This is different, given that everything is hidden from plain sight. However, there are clear signs to look for. Don’t forget to ask and answer these important questions:

  • Is You Water Bill Unusually High?

slab leak repairLook at the water bill you receive monthly. Is it uncommonly high? Did it spike? And was there a concrete reason it did? Unless you suddenly had a pool or some people are over at your apartment and uses more water, there shouldn’t be any reason for the sudden cost increase.

  • Is Your Gas or Energy Bill on Point?

A high energy or gas bill can also be a clear sign that there is a leak. Check your hot water system. If it’s constantly on even when no one is using hot water, it might signify some form of seepage from a pipe somewhere.

  • Is There a Specific Concrete Slab that’s Moist and Damp?

Check out all of the concrete slabs in your surroundings before you pursue slab leak repair Houston. Is there a specific one that’s always moist and damp without any reason at all? And are those slabs far from a hose, a faucet, the pool or a source of water?

  • Is There an Unexplained Pool of Water Nearby?

Is there a pool of water nearby that has no business of being there? Did it rain before? Is there a garden hose nearby? A pool of water without any explanation is always a sign of some plumbing problem.

Once you address and answer these essential questions you can begin the process of detecting the leak. Isolate the location. Mark it for observation. Take a few days to monitor the situation. Once you verify after some time, you’ve finally found that annoying leak and it’s time for some slab repair in Houston. .

Slab Leak Repair in Houston: Why Does it Happen?

Before we delve into the process of slab repair in Houston, let’s find out first what causes pipe leaks under the slab. There are actually various reasons:

First, there’s the passing of time. While pipes and other plumbing components were built to last for a long time, that’s not a guarantee that they can last decades. External factors, such as heat, cold, mold, animals and rust can compromise the materials of these items. When that happens, breakages occur and slab repairs, in Houston and other parts of the globe, must be pursued.

slab repair HoustonThere’s also ground movement. Based from high school science, we know that the ground constantly shifts. This is an effect of micro quakes, earth quakes, even nearby construction. Given the motion and movement that happens during these occurrences, cracks might happen to the pipes, causing leakage.

Poor quality and construction are also to blame for these pipes. We know that there are companies and manufacturers out there who skim on high grade material. They use replacements, a cheaper alternative that’s not as good as the real thing. When this happens, it significantly weakens the pipe and its trimmings. The simplest movement, the passing of time, the changing temperatures, and even mere water pressure can compromise the integrity of these essential items.

Of course, there’s also the unavoidable mistakes that happens during installation. Plumbing is a science, but most of it is still being done by professionals. There is a margin for human error that sometimes is truly unavoidable. When this happens, the probability of breakage is increased considerably. It’s easier to experience leaks and even have frequent plumbing accidents and emergencies, which is simply just unfortunate.

For leakages to stop and slab repair in Houston to be avoided, there must be constant vigilance. The correct materials must be purchased. The placement must be strategized and optimal. Professionals, who have decades of experience in the industry, must be hired. There also has to be frequent maintenance check. Ignorance, oversight and indifference might lead to more leakages and wasted money in the near future.

Slab Leak Repair in Houston: How to Fix It

Slab leak repair in Houston, or anywhere for that matter, is not an easy business. It requires hard work and precision. We suggest to everyone to call a trusted and reliable plumber and repairman to get the job done. But to give you an idea here’s a briefer on repairing leakages and slab repair in Houston.

  • First and foremost, one of things one has to do is gain access to the leakage. And the only way to do this is by removing the slab altogether. One of the most usual ways to do this is by cracking a large hole using a jackhammer. This causes a lot of noise and vibrations, not to mention dust and residue, so make sure the neighbors are warned, the objects in the surroundings secured and covered with plastic. The cleaning process after this is going to be quite a nightmare.
  • The second phase is typically the repair itself. Most pipes utilized for water transfer is made from copper tubing. And the only way to repair this is by replacing it altogether. To replace this particular piece of equipment, one must first cut the damaged portion. This is typically done with a manual or motorized hacksaw. This might take some time, depending on the hardness and thickness of the item. Afterwards, the severed part must be removed and disposed. A new and improved tubing must then be installed in the severed area. Afterwards, it must be soldered into place.

Some sewer lines are also found under the slab. Often, these are also the causes of the leak. The process to fix this is essentially the same. The only difference is the material of the tubing, since most of these pipes are made from iron or PVC. The adhesive is also different.

  • Afterwards, testing must be done in order to ensure that the leak is no more. Water pressure is then put on the tubing. Once everything is done, it must be the slab repair in Houston.

Slab leak repair is not a task that can be done by an individual or an amateur. It is important that a professional must be hired, like Speedway Plumbing Texas, in order to ensure that everything turns out well.

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