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Signs that Your Bathroom is In Need of Leak Repair Services

Not many people may recognize how important the bathroom is. These people probably just go in and out of the bathroom without much care. However, if you are one of those who know how bathroom leak repairrelaxing it is to soak in the tub and pamper every part of your body uninterrupted, then you have a much better appreciation of your bathroom. Unlike others, you may be paying extra attention to how you decorate and keep your bathroom a haven for you to literally wash all your worries away.

But then again have you experienced being concerned (and annoyed) with the sound of constant running or dripping brought about by leaks in your bathroom? If you don’t seem to mind them initially, you will surely take notice and start asking for professional bathroom leak repair Houston after you receive your outrageous water bill. If you start noticing signs of leak in your faucet, toilet, or bath tub among others it is time to consider calling a reputable plumbing services provider that will help you in your needs for bathroom leak repair.

Water faucet leaks

If you are not yet familiar or if you are unsure if your water faucet is already leaking, here are signs that will help you out. Just use your various senses and you cannot go wrong.

  • Dripping water – try to be very quiet and still while you are soaking in the tub and try to hear any dripping sounds near your faucet or sink area. If there is a leak, water will definitely be dripping even if you have turned the faucet knob off as tightly as you can.
  • Water puddles under the faucet or rusting pipes – if there is leak, you can definitely find traces of water in a closed faucet. Try to inspect your bathroom faucets then if there is a puddle even if you have been out the whole day and nobody is using it. Be mindful of rusts as well since it is a clear indication that water is constantly keeping the pipes wet.
  • Unexpected increase in your water bill – if you have been using water the same way you have used it for the past months and yet your water bill starts spiking without any obvious reason, then it is time to check for leaks.
  • Foul smell – leaks smell bad. If your bathroom starts smelling like mold or rotten food then you better start finding that leak so you can fix it as soon as possible.

Toilet leaks

  • Presence of bubbling or gurgling noises – if you hear unpleasant gurgling sound every time you use your toilet or when you are near it then your toilet pipes might be leaking. It is best to check the pipes at the back or beneath the toilet so you can be certain where the leak is coming from.
  • Wet toilet rug or puddle in the bathroom floor – if your toilet plumbing is leaking then the rug near it will soak up the water and you can also observe a small or big puddle (depending on the gravity of the leak) near the toilet. 

Get Professional Leak Repair Services

Plumbing Houston offers professional leak repair services as well as other plumbing needs. We do fast work on bathroom leaks, kitchen leaks, and do installation of water heaters and other tasks. When it comes to fixing leaks, we have years of experience working with all kinds of problems.

bathroom leak repair HoustonIf you wanted to do your own plumbing repairs, you would need to know several things about plumbing. For instance, there should be a removable access panel at the back of the shower. This can also be located in a separate room adjoining the shower stall. However, drains and most pipes are usually located beneath the tub or the shower stall.

Water flows from a leak. It can flow through cracks in the concrete, or through any permeable material. Tracking the leak to its source is a hit or miss activity. You would need to cut holes or small parts of the ceiling. If the leak is not located where you cut the ceiling, you would need to make another cut higher up the pipe. You would need to cut some more until you find where the leak is located.

Some leaks are not directly attributable to the bathroom. Sometimes it can be from wall seepage, or a leak from the roof drain. It can also be from a gap in the window. If the water accumulation only occurs after a rain, the roof drain might be causing the leak. When the leak occurs via an upstairs window, this might travel along the walls or flooring, eventually appearing on the ground floor ceiling.

Some leaks occur between the faucet and the supply line. This may be due to a loose fixture or a worn washer. Fixing this type of leaks requires that you shut off the water supply from the main line before doing any repairs. If replacing the worn washer does not solve the leak, you may need to replace the fixture. In most instances, you can take the fixture to the hardware store and ask for an exact replacement. You would need to ask about tips in replacing the fixture as these usually do not have any manuals on how to do it.

Fixing Drainpipes. Drainpipes are usually made of plastic, either white polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or black  acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). Sink traps are sometimes made of chrome or brass. For drainpipes, it is important to replace them with the same type, and specifications. If possible, remove the drainpipe and fittings and bring them with you to the hardware store when you buy replacement parts. There are other things you would need to buy, including glue and primer, as well as teflon plumbing tape for the pipe threads. The store clerk would be willing to help you with these items.

If you observed any of the signs given above then it is best to always call a professional service to address the issue such as Speedway Plumbing Texas. If you value your time and energy, not to mention if you want the leak to be fixed immediately don’t even attempt to do it yourself. There are professionals who have the experience and the expertise to do it, better leave the work to them. You will be thankful once you see the results.

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