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How to Repair and Replace Sewer Pipes

There is certainly a strong need to perform periodic maintenance on the sewer pipes found in homes and industrial areas. The reason for this is if no regular maintenance is performed, this might lead to huge repairs and eve irreparable damages.  Performing sewer line cleaning Houston on the sewer pipes will allow water and liquid to pass through it without any problem.

Common Problems

Pipeline leakages, clogs due to blockages brought about by debris, rusting of the pipes and metal deposits like iron are some of the usual causes for damage and blockage in sewer pipes. The good thing is that there is Houston Plumbing that people can depend on. 

sewer line replacement HoustonWhen it comes to repairing trenchless sewers, sewer line repair Houston is the best option to take because this will certainly cost less with just about the same quality as a new pipe installed. All you will have to do is to make sure that the quality of the repair being done is of top notch quality.  A repair on the trenchless sewer pipes include complete cleaning that ensures proper flow of water through it. This type of cleaning however is quicker than the regular cleaning option.

Sewer line cleaning Houston of trenchless sewer pipes does not require digging trenches so that the pipes can be exposed for easy reaching and cleaning.  This will not waste your time and money on hours spent on digging since the latest technology of cleaning pipes does not require one to do so.  It also eliminates the possibility of damaging pipes when the digging commences.

Why Trenchless Repair and replacement is Becoming Popular

Sewer line repair Houston can be summed up in one word – reliable. Reliable in the sense that it does result into a sewer pipe that is just as good as new.

The techniques and services regarding the repair structure that Speedway Plumbing Texas offers are simply second to none.  In the last few decades, there have been changes seen in these techniques.

sewer line cleaning HoustonThere are some advancements in technology that has given pipe services including sewer line replacement Houston a lot of benefits that people have enjoyed. All you will have to do is to perform the correct type of service.

Sewer line replacement Houston is a kind of service wherein clients are able to benefit from because it allows the repair of certain parts of a pipe without the necessary digging that may cost a lot more money and time.  The benefits that a client will enjoy from this are less costs, since it is done without the digging of the whole pipeline which kills more time. This is the perfect service that will satisfy the requirements for the job.

There is not much trouble in performing this kind of pipe line service since the only digging to be done here is on the parts that need to be replaced. Normally the parts to be replaced are just small ones and not the heavier bulky pieces that need to be taken out of its place.  Another good thing about a replacement job with sewer pipes services is that once the job is done, it is hard to see where the diggings were done since these are done in small spots only.

Whatever service you choose, either repair or replace, the important thing is to get the sewer pipes serviced thus assuring you that water will flow through freely.

Benefits of Professional Sewer Line Service

Sewer problems are emergencies and should be treated as such. There should be no waiting time between the moment you realize the problem and the time you call for help. The urgency of the problem extends not just to a blockage in the sewer line. A blockage can also lead to health, and environmental safety concerns. There is a new trenchless technology for sewer lines can help to make repairs less expensive and more environmentally friendly.

Traditional sewer lines have their own inherent problem. The pipes can break or they can have leaks. These are naturally occurring and with most materials, it is only a matter of time before it happens. There are natural stresses on the pipes used. Trees, for instance, can damage sewer lines. Roots of trees growing near or beside sewer lines put pressure on the pipes and these may bend and break. Or they can have breaks and fissures, leading to leaks. Repairing these meant that the pipes have to be excavated and then repairing or replacing the pipes.

This method necessitated locating the sewer line, digging a trench along the line, locating the leak or break, then repairing or replacing the pipe, before burying the pipes along the same trench. Depending on a lot of factors, including the type of damage done, the depth of the pipe and the weather, this may take several hours up to the better part of a day. It requires a team of men and equipment, and it will also damage your lawn and landscaping. It also costs a lot to dig a trench, repair, and cover the trench, as well as the repairing the lawn and the landscaping.

Trenchless technology creates less damage, requires less work, and can be less expensive. The work revolves around digging small holes along the ground running the length of the pipe. The holes would be used by remote technicians using a camera.

This method has four distinct benefits over the old method:

  1. Faster and more convenient. The sewer line problem is diagnosed faster. After finding out where the problem is, the technicians only need to dig around the smaller area.
  2. Less cost. With a smaller area to dig, there is less damage to the lawn and landscaping. This means that you don’t need to spend as much to repair your lawn. The smaller hole also means that there is less structural or civil works damage.
  3. Focused work. The smaller holes focus the tasks to the area where the repair needs to be done. There is no “collateral damage”.
  4. Environmentally friendly. Environment here meaning your lawn and home. There is minimal impact to the lawn and there is no need to dig up a big hole.

Not every sewer line repair company in Houston has the expertise that we have. Using trenchless technology allows our customers to save on expenses, while at the same time having their sewer problem solved in a minimum amount of time.

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