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Save on Energy: Use Solar Water Heater Systems

The fact is that water heaters consume a lot of energy on a monthly basis in America. Because of this reason, a lot of Americans are turning to solar hot water heater systems or hybrid water heaters.

The average consumption of water in an American household is at 63 gallons in a day.  This translates to costs of between 300 up to 500 dollars every year for heating water alone. For some Americans, this is not acceptable.  There is no reason for them to spend a lot on water heating.

The good thing is that there is now solar hot water heater Houston as an option. In fact it is a wise option because people spend more on water heater energy costs than the combined costs of energy spent by refrigerator, dryer, washing machine and dishwasher.

Cut 50% off from your energy costs

Plumbing Houston has the perfect solution to help you cut your energy costs by half. You will never have to spend a lot on your monthly and yearly water heating.

Solar water heaters Houston consume 98% less energy than any regular water heater around. And the best thing of all is that installation of this type of water heater is very easy and quick.  There solar hot water heaterwill be no additional electric connections required to facilitate water heating through this type of heater.

Installation processes of solar hot water heater Houston may cost a lot more. However, you will start reaping the benefits of lower energy costs when the monthly bill starts rolling in. Within two years, you can actually gain back the cost of the installation.  Aside from that, you get faster water heating in half the time compared to what you get from a regular water heater.

A huge 25% chunk of the total monthly energy costs comes from the usage of water heaters alone in an American household. This is just way too big. However, there are other water heating options now available for household use which allows you to save on monthly energy costs.

Benefits of Solar Water Heater Systems

Easy to use. Speedway Plumbing Texas will install for you a water heating system that will not only save you on energy but is also very easy to use. All you will have to do is to read through the users’ manual.

solar water heaters HoustonThe hybrid water heater that we will recommend that you use are not only energy efficient but also user friendly. It does not, however, mean that you should not go through the manual.

Eco friendly. The solar water heaters Houston that is being installed in your home is not just easy to use but does not do harm to the environment since it does not exert a lot of harmful energy. This is also certified by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and has received accolades from other organizations.

We also deal with repairs done to damages to different solar water heaters that are based in American households. This is a part of the company’s service that will assure you that your solar water heaters will work fine for you a long period of time.

Savings from Solar Water Heater Systems

Hot water can be gotten free from solar energy, and it does not have to be too technical nor does it have to be expensive. The technology is very simple and it can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Solar power depends on heat from the sun. To harness solar energy, solar panels are installed on the roof of your home. These catch the sun’s rays and the heat is transferred to pipes filled with water. The hot water circulates and is stored in a container ready to be used at your convenience. This can be used for home heating, as well as for use when you shower. Except for the initial installation, there is practically no operating costs in getting your hot water. The sun takes care of that. In addition, this is an environmentally friendly way of heating. It also has zero emissions.

Depending on where you live, you can save from 50% to 90% of your water heating bill. That translates to 50% to 90% energy consumed to produce heat for your hot water.

Save Money. Heating water costs money. This is due to the cost of fuel used to heat the water. Fuel is a non-renewable resource which is expected to become scarcer and more expensive in the future. This means that if you install your solar water heater now, you would save a lot more in the future.

Help Save the Environment. Solar energy is emissions free, and uses no fossil fuel. Fossil fuel creates hydrocarbon by-products when it is burned. The solar water heater does not make use of any fossil fuel. It is energy straight from the sun. Hot water from the solar heater does not produce hydrocarbons; there is no carbon emission. This simple equation helps the environment because it lessens the dependence on oil, which is a non-renewable resource.

Besides the above benefits, there are usually concerns about the cost of installing the solar water heater. Considering that it solar energy is free, here are the ways it can pay for itself:

  1. The solar water heating system lasts for a long time. These are sturdy, robust and durable systems which collect heat when the sun is up. These do not have any moving parts, and are designed to stay that way passively collecting heat and running hot water through your indoor plumbing for years of service.
  2. Government rebates. The Federal government rewards energy efficient systems. As a solar heating equipment user, you are entitled to renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). In addition, some states also have rebates for installing these solar water heating systems.
  3. Savings on heating costs. No matter how you use the solar water heater, it translates to savings on energy costs.

If you are one of those who are willing to look beyond the initial cost of installation, then you have made the right decision in going for solar water heaters because the long term benefits are

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