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How Air Filtration Systems Ensure Pristine Indoor Air Quality

Every homeowners must endeavor to have the most pristine and safest indoor air quality so he or she can ensure that everyone inside the house is safe, healthy and away from respiratory diseases and dirt. But why do indoor spaces need clean air? How can one achieve this? What does one need to ensure a safe atmosphere? Here is an introduction to indoor air quality and the value of an air filtration system Houston.

Why Indoor Spaces Need to Have Clean Air

Pollution is a pervasive problem today. But what most people don’t know is that air pollution is not just found outside. They’re not just in the streets, in the mall or in office buildings. They are also found inside your home. And based on recent studies, the pollution found in houses might even be worst.

whole house air filtration system HoustonThere are a ton of items that give off pollution in the household. Cigarettes and vapes are one big contributor of this. There are also candles, incenses, and even chemicals coming from deodorants, air fresheners, disinfectants and any spray based items. Cleaners, especially the powerful ones used to kitchen appliances, ovens, countertops and woods are also pretty harmful. Insecticides too. There’s also the build up from all of the vapors coming from the cooking and the stoves. Finally, there’s the vents where the air conditioner is coming from.

While the pollutants from these may not be harmful in small doses, they can have negative effects in the long run. These range from the occasional headaches and migraines, the weakening of the immune system, dizziness, vomiting and even respiratory problems. They may even have effects on children and pregnant women. Fortunately, there are at least a dozen ways to ensure that the air in your home is clean, including several machines. One of these is an air filtration system. This nifty and small device ensures the air and atmosphere in its area is purified and free of any contaminants that may cause any form of harm.

What is an Air Filtration System?

An air filtration system, or an air cleaner, is a home installation that purifies air as it passes through it. These are typically installed in air conditioning and heating systems. It essentially looks like a filter and it is located in between the ducts.

air filtration system HoustonEvery air that passes through has its contaminants. These involve vapors, tiny bacteria and even dust and miniscule debris. These ducts suck these up. As the air passes through the vents, it goes through the filter, which then traps pollutants and impurities in its fine bristles.

There are many filters to choose from, but one of particular interest are the HEPA (High Efficiency Particular Air) filters. These kind meet the stringent and highest requirements established by the Department of Energy. These ensure that all forms of contaminants are trapped and locked. The material used in these kinds of items have fabrics and bristles that trap pollutants that are 0.3 micrometers in size while allowing air to pass through. These ensure everything is captured and nothing penetrates the filter.

There are also several other air filtration system Houston available in the market. These include ionizing purifiers that gathers ionized contaminants using charged particles. It absorbs all of the pollutants in a single area. These are great for small rooms and tight spaces. There are also ozone generations, which turns oxygen into dioxygen, which then disinfects the air.

The Benefits of HEPA Air Filtration Systems

Whole house air filtration system Houston that utilizes HEPA Air Filtration Systems provides a ton of benefits to homeowners. Here are just some of them:

  • HEPA air filtration systems Houston are far more effective compared to other air purifiers. Most of the purifiers only cleans a specific areas. That’s not the same care with the HEPA. Since there is constant air flowing in and out of the hoe, this ensures that even though contaminants originated from other rooms, it will eventually reach the filter.
  • HEPA air filtration systems Houston also ensure that everything is captured and locked down. It doesn’t only trap dust or debris, it can also capture bacteria and those small almost molecular bacteria and germs. Compared to other filtration systems, this makes certain that the atmosphere is clean and safe for the entire family.
  • HEPA air filtration systems are also quite beneficial to air conditioners and heaters. Debris and contaminants can ruin and damage evaporators and condensers. This guarantees that those harmful elements won’t cause breakages in your machines.
  • While they may need to be changed every few months or so, HEPA filters are cost-friendlier, compared to other air purifiers in the market. With the low expense, users can enjoy clean air for years and years to come.

These are only few of the benefits of this kind of filtration system. With enough time, people will soon realize that are there a dozen more.

What to Consider When Purchasing an HEPA Filter

When purchasing a air filtration system Houston, it is important to consider a few things. It should have a .3 micron size, a true HEPA one. There are a number out there who sell a lot of fake filters that don’t meet the requirements set forth by the Department of Energy. It is also air filtration system Houstonimportant to consider the construction. It should be durable and the material should be sturdy. It should not get broken or torn with just a simple gust of wind or a powerful air flow.

Another thing that should be considered is that it should be able to fit the duct in one’s home. There are many filters out there, and there is an ideal one for your space. Searching for this kind of piece might be difficult. This is why it’s important to get the consultation services of seasoned experts like Plumbing Houston. This company is capable and equipped with the right knowledge and insight to ensure that one uses the correct filter and install it properly. Getting the ideal filters will ensure a sterile and healthy atmosphere.

Do yourself a favor. Keep yourself, your family and friends healthy and get a filter today. Call Speedway Plumbing Texas Houston for more information.

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